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Hi -small introduction


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Hi all,


And good morning, I should have said hello a while a go-so sorry for the slight delay-


We are finally in the final stages with the visa process, police checks and the meds have finally been completed and have been passed,Just waiting for the golden news we hope it will be very soon,-as we want to be in Adelaide asap.


There is myself, Lisa,and my son Mason 8 & Isabelle who will be 3 in May and i am a another chef, we are from Leeds and we want to settle in Adelaide.


The process has taken over 2 1/2 years to get to where we are now and like everyone it has not been easy.

we have found PIA fantastic so far so a big thankyou to everyone who has provided such great advice and help.


we are excited , and worried at the same time to be honest ......and I thought we were the only ones who felt like this regarding the move..


I hope my posts get better with time-so i apologize if there not any cop.I know i have posted things earlier and possibly in the wrong place-soz


Anyway the rambles over ,I will probably ramble more again later





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Welcome - formally!!


I know we have had a natter already :D


Don't apologise !! Get stuck in posting!!!!!



Have a smooth journey here!!!



cheers -much appreceiated-


We are thinking about settling in the Hallet Cove,Shiedow Park, Aldinga Beach areas in the South however we have also been looking at and around North Adelaide too?


It kinda depends on where I get settled with work as I have looked at rentals and the prices seem very similar,


I have a few questions to ask if thats ok?-

We have been looking and trying to decide where should we stay or what type of accomodation to stay in for the first week or two when we arrive?, do we try and get a holiday home, B&B Apartment etc.... ,Any suggestions?

then look for something for a longer rental and take it from there .


We intend of renting a car for a week or two then buying one again looking around to buy one ? is there anyones that are reccomended?& who you have used in the past?-good and bad.


Is it easy to get around with buses & trains if you work shifts? and you are based in the south and have to get back to Adelaide central?


Does anyone Know What are the schools are like in the Hallet Cove,Shiedow Park, Aldinga Beach areas or around North Adelaide. we have been looking and the websites say great things-just wondered if anyone had had any hands on experiences with them?


thanks for any advise, and there will probably be more questions at some point-war and peace over


cheers Andrew

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Guest derval



I am in construction business. I am here to do my value addition to solve the problems regarding the home construction and repair. Also, I am here to know the real time problems of the people facing in their homes after construction so that I will improve those in my projects.

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