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Is this funny or what?

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I read a tongue in cheek comment on here about Yorkshire people having no sense of humour!

Well, i'm married to one and on my trips to see the inlaws (outlaws!) i have met the funniest Yorkshire people.


As there are plenty of Yorkshire people busy with the migration process, and active Yorkshire folk on here I would like to ask whether they and anyone else finds these funny?


Bloke from Barnsley with piles asks chemist

"Nah then lad, does tha sell arse cream?"

Chemist replies "Aye, Magnum or Cornetto?":biglaugh:


Police have just released details of a new drug craze that is being carried out in Yorkshire nightclubs.

Apparently, Yorkshire club goers have started injecting Ectasy just above their front teeth.

Police say the dangerous practice is called "e by gum":biglaugh:


Tamara :biglaugh:

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Guest guest4504

Yorkshire man takes his dog to an artist and asks him to do a picture of it in gold. Artist asks " Do you want it eitin-carrot ? ".... He replies " No, want his eitin a bone " .

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Guest Guest5035

Dianes been to Yorkshire


essex girl walks into library in York says fish and chips twice mate. librarian says, excuse me madam this a library. in a very quiet voice, essex girl says im so sorry can i have fish and chips twice please.



A Yorkshireman's wife dies and the widower decides that her headstone should have the words "she were thine" engraved on it.

He calls the stone mason, who assures him that the headstone will be ready a few days after the funeral. True to his word the stone mason calls the widower to say that the headstone is ready and would he like to come and have a look.

When the widower gets there he takes one look at the stone to see that it's been engraved "she were thin".

He explodes - fooking 'ell man, you've left the fooking "e" out, you've left the fooking "e" out!

The stone mason apologises and assures the poor widower that it will be rectified the following morning. Next day comes and the widower returns to the stone mason - "There you go sir, I've put the "e" on the stone for you".

The widower looks at the stone and then reads out loud -"E, she were thin".




A Yorkshire man was paying for his morning paper and dropped 50P from his wallet, when he bent over to pick it up, it hits him on the back of the head.





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Guest Guest75

I've actualy met this guy --------------- so it's true!!


His Aussie co workers were convinced for a few months that his wife was called Alice.


He has a very high pitched voice and refers to her as "Arr Lass".



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Guest garlic--bread

Yorkshire man goes to his local vet with his cat that's not to good. The vet says "Is it a tom?" Yorkshire man says " Nah lad it's 'ere under me chair" :D

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Guest MrsHills

Oh my gosh they are soooooo funny! I do like the way that anyone from UK starts things with 'I hope no ones offended or as above 'tongue in cheek' we are all so scared of being labled something like racist/sexist non pc... BUT ITS FUNNY!! I dont give two monkeys if people take the p&*s out of my accent or anything

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