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Know of anywhere good to go for the Royal Wedding Celebration?

Guest adenick

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Guest adenick

I'm not a massive Royalist but fancied going somewhere social to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday (and maybe wave a flag if its not too embarrassing for my family), especially as it is supposed to be warm that day. I know it is on about 7.30pm ish. I've got to drag a seven year old and a husband to it, so needs to have them covered! I live in the Blackwood area and not sure of anything nearby? If anyone has any good ideas, let me know!!



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Guest adenick
The wife, Natalie, works at St Francis Winery in Old Reynella.


They have organised a Royal Wedding High Tea starting at 6.30pm with TV coverage on the big screen.


Give them a ring if interested - 8 322 2246.







Thanks Tony I will give them a ring tomorrow and see what is happening:D



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I disliked that old slapper Di from the start (mainly because it made people think calling me "Di" was acceptable and it's absolutely not!) and was not surprised when her indiscretions and insanity finally came out. But I have to say that Charles has done a great job raising the two boys (note I didn't say his two sons because after all, there are serious doubts about the genetic father of one of them!) and they are both a credit to him. When I've seen them interviewed together, they seem to have genuine affection between them which considering the royal family's history, is a very positive thing.


I might even find myself watching the event on Friday (with millions of others around the world) after all, it's a pretty historic event and I wish both the main participants well, whatever my other views on the royal family!


I think though that as Ms Middleton expressly said she preferred to be called Katherine, not Kate, any journalist that disregards this should be charged with treason and locked up in the tower!!


Oh, and by the way, I quite like Camilla too!!

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