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does anyone know any reputable pug breeders?


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I'm not sure if this is in the right area or not! I would love to find a reputable pug breeder (ideally one that has very stringent checks on prospective owners and not just some puppy farm where the dogs are treated badly)


I have tried the usual google, etc but no luck so far. Does anyone happen to know of one in SA? The only ones I can find are interstate and i have no real way of knowing how they treat the dogs.


Thanks :)



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Obviously you've done your research into the breed and know about the problems with them being brachycephalic. I hope you can find a decent breeder in the area. Have you tried the breed association or club?




They have a contact listed on there for people who are interested in puppies.


Also be aware that should you get a Pug or any brachycephalic breed and wish to return to the UK in the future and take it with you, that many airlines now no longer carry brachycephalic dogs on long haul flights due to the increased risk of death during shipping. Because they are flat faced/nosed they can overheat very quickly and cannot regulate their body temp as longer nosed dogs can. There was a local Adelaide case recently where a couples French Bulldog died on the tarmac in the crate before even leaving Australia (they had been due to fly to Frankfurt or somewhere in Germany). That was inside of 3 hours iirc. There only appear to be a couple of airlines that will carry them now and it was in one of those airlines care the Frenchie died. I think these may even be reviewing their policy. Personally knowing about the issues I'd never ship one of these long haul even if the airlines still carried them (too many were dying in transit compared to longer nosed breeds).


I'd also keep in mind the same sort of thing will happen in hot SA weather with a pug. They need to be able to keep cool inside with air con or they may have serious health complications. Also walking in hot weather (even low 20's can be too much for them) will be a total no. I've noticed there are far fewer breeders of brachycephalic breeds in Aus than there are in the UK (even taking into account there are less people etc). They really are few and far between. You'll probably pay a small fortune for a pug. They are about £1000-1200 or so for a decent pup in the UK now.

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I just saw in another thread you are expecting a baby soon. Congrats :)


Can I be honest here and say if you are thinking of getting a dog with a young baby I'd advise against it. Wait till your child is older and able to understand about keeping a dog (and you have time to devote to it). Any dog be it pup or older will need time and energy put into it. And with a new baby, even more so with your first, it can be exhausting just coping with baby let alone a young dog who needs training, socialising and so on.


I know when I was pregnant with my son I lost my two dogs at 5 and 7 months pregnant. We went and got a 6 month old whippet a few weeks later. I coped with him, mainly as we were really lucky and lived on a farm so he had fields to run round without me needing much time to walk him. But it did mean a lot of my time I used to have to spend on my dog(s) was taken up with my son. But it was really hard work as I felt terrible I didn't always have time to walk the dog or give him cuddle and I hated that as I love the dogs in my life and they really are a part of the family.


Of course, you may be planning to wait a couple of years or longer anyways and all this is moot :cute: But as a volunteer and foster carer for two dog rescues I know only too well the number of dogs who are rehomed by their owners because they can't give them the time alongside their young children and other family commitments. Even we are considering letting my parents have our whippet now as our son is a total nightmare with him all the time. Breaks my heart.

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Guest lippy

DogsSA should be able to point you in the right direction. There are dog shows on at SACA park for the next few weekends both Sat and Sun - you could go and visit the local dogs/breeders there.

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