Adam Internet.

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    Not sure about Adam but we live in port noarlunga and maybe someone with a little experience can suggest a resolution.

    We have recently changed to Adam and have had nothing but problems, in essence they revolve around the service constantly dropping out.

    Then waiting for a Representative to pick up the phone who can be bothered to help, this can take up to an hour, with no answer to resolve the on going and none variable issue.

    We have been told to remove the adsl filter, we have not got a filter fitted, then told to fit a test modem.

    This continues to drop out and we have now been told that we need the line checking by e-tech, is This a course approved by TAFE?

    If the fault is found inside the house, then we pay the cost, if it's on the outside and on the line, they pay.

    My question is the line they say was checked nd they found no issues with the delivery, we are half way between servers, but still the service is terrible and it continues to drop out.

    Can anyone suggest, help or deposit my Adam modem in davey jones locker..

    We are starting to think letter writing is faster and more reliable.

    Any systems geeks who could help?


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    We lived in Seaford and Adam Internet were awesome, had to change when we moved to Aldinga as Adam didnt cover down here.


    ADSL2 in Seaford very very good....



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