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Getting pickled............

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    Guest Guest75

    Our olives that is. :cute:


    My "foodie" mate came up with an interesting and very easy method of curing olives.

    He tried some of ours out about 3 weeks ago with this process and I've got to say I was impressed!

    So this morning we picked two bucket loads, after 2 hours of washing and putting small slits in the fruit here is the result.

    Be ready in around 3 to 4 weeks.


    One of our olive trees............






    The precious cargo ....







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    Guest dunnarunna

    how do you do it then tyke there are heaps of wild olive trees behind my house, was going to pick them as no one does but dont know what to do with them ate one straight of the bush and it was foul

    cheers donna

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    Guest Guest75

    East peasy.


    2 buckets of nice fresh olives.


    Slit both sides of each olive.


    Place into a tub with 14 litres of water.


    Add two cups of salt.


    Stir well.


    Change the water/brine mx every few days


    After about 3 weeks or so they will ave lost their bitterness and start to taste like pickled olves.


    Getting to a final taste may take some more weeks.


    Once appy with taste.


    Put 1 cup of salt and 14 litres of water


    You hould add a fair bit of red wine vineger - it's up to your tastes.


    Pour a little olive oil o tp as this acts as a barrier to bacteria.:cute::cute:

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