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Returning to OZ

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    Guest taunton

    Hi all


    We have just booked our flights to leave the UK 29th June 2011....


    We are doing a 2 day stop over in Kuala Lumpur....we have booked the hotel and was about to book the transfers until we were told by travel agent that the company they use for transfers dropped you off in the city centre and not at the hotel ???? to say I was shocked was an understatement...


    The upshot of this is that we have all flights booked and accommodation booked for the 2 night stop over but have not booked any transfers from airport to the hotel and back again to continue our journey to Adelaide.


    Has anyone else encountered this problem ??


    Does anyone know about taxi's at the airport of Kuala Lumpur and if they are reasonable or tend to rip you off.....agent did intimate that at least with boking with us you know the price,,,,too which my reply was, yes but you don't drop off at the hotel that you are booking for me......I have never in all my years of travelling known anything like it.....we did a stop over in Kuala Lumpur back in 2008 and never experienced any problems then...


    If anyone has any info or has had similar problems would love to hear from you...




    Wend & gang :arghh: :arghh:

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    Don't start me on travel agents here!


    Have a look at - if the question hasn't already been answered, you can post it up there yourself and I have always found the experts on there sooo helpful.




    PS Just had a quick look on there, and found this page which might be helpful as it gives approx prices (from 2009 though) for taxis

    also this is interesting: If the thought of public transport doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to arrange for a hotel representative to meet you at the airport. Many hotels include airport pick-up service in some of their room rates. Expect these prices to be higher than the Airport Limo prices. So might be worth checking with the hotel you're giong to be staying at to see if they offer pick up.

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    Guest taunton

    Hi Diane

    Thanks very much for the link, all my questions answered and now know how we are getting from airport to hotel, I might just let the travel agents know so that they can improve their service.....everything was going so well with them until this stumbling block..


    Thanks again


    Cheers Wend:D :D

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