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importing car

Guest fatman

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Guest fatman

has anyone bothered to import there car to adelaide

been comparing price of our car here in scotland to south australia prices .

to buy same car in adelaide would cost us around £9000.00 above what we could sell car for.

getting some quotes to export car,seems like we could save thousands !

has anyone else done this

some friends of ours are doing this and told us about it.

any info appreciated


graham :shocked:

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Guest The Standalofts

Will be interested to see what your responce is, as we are also considering taking our car out, but have not done any serious research yet.



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Midway through that process at the moment. Our shipment arrived last Friday (with car in the container). Just need to get it to a volvo garage to get it checked over, remedial works done and registered (to conform to Aussie standards). So far so good. Leave yourself plenty of time to fill out applications before you intend to leave as it can take a little while for approval to come through. You need quite a bit of evidence to support your application, i.e. letter from employer in UK saying you're leaving, rental agreement/letter from agent saying you're selling renting your house in UK etc. Of course if you use a middle man he will do all the paper work for you, but to be honest so far its been quite easy.


I'd say if you have a low volume European car (Volvo, SAAB etc) or a desirable high end motor (Merc, BMW, Land/Rangerover etc) it's worth doing what with the $ so strong against the £ it makes tax lighter this side - i can't remember what the exact figure is, but if your car is valued over something like $57000 you pay a premium tax (so bare that in mind). Also make sure you keep all your original invoices for the car from when you bought it otherwise the tax valuation (i.e. the value of the car they base the tax on) is carried out by customs and will be considerably higher! Also, you need to have owned the car for a year before shipping it.

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