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Has anyone actually successfully stopped the Home ice cream van in their street (if you hadn't placed an order first)????!!!!


I had heard about their ice cream through a friend a few weeks ago, and finally realised what the bell was we occasionally hear in the evenings - always makes me think it's someone driving down in a cart "bring out your dead" style!!! Anyway... I digress.


SO the thing is, their ice cream (vanilla) looks to be about the best you can buy in terms of no nasties (not even anatto - which it seems impossible to buy ice cream with out - 160b food colouring).


I looked them up, diarised the date on the computer - how sad - wrote down what it was I wanted to buy... and it's today. Was expecting them. Still couldn't get out of the house quick enough, seem to have gone down our street in the dark twice, totally impossible to get to the van before they drove off both times. Rubbish!!! I guess we'll have to place an order... for 2 weeks time.


Hardly stop me and buy one is it???! DH offered to get in the car and go after it if I was that desperate but although that's a noble offer I draw the line! :nah:

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Guest Guest5035

We have one down our street and he always hangs around for 5/10 minutes. If you catch him and buy he'll start to hang around.



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Yes I'll have to place an order and wait another 2 weeks... I did ring my friend in Golden Grove and ask if they were expecting it in their street tonight (yes still sad I know) but they haven't seen it in their street for a while.


So I guess there are franchise opportunities about if anyone fances the job...!!!

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