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Guest leemina

We had shippers round last month, we'd already got a list of what we definately wanted to take, and a few items we were undecided on. We had three companies round and the first and third were really helpful, very professional, gave lot of hints and tips, the second one was ok, but just wanted to know the list and didnt seem interested in our questions. We've decided to go with the first company (very good reviews on the web). We havent got enough to fill a full container, our total is 650cubic feet and been priced at £2800.

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Guest leemina
Thanks lee mina, still not decided what we want to take with us but thank you for giving us some idea . What were the companies you tried ? I think we might need a whole container cause I want to take near enough everything lol x

We had Dorree Bonner, John Mason and Pickfords round, not in that order though.

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Guest Ryan T. Lion

We just had Pickfords, GB Liners, and Doree Bonner (not in that order) come round last week. They were all much of a muchness to be honest. Same service (arrive, wrap, load, ship >>> clear customs, store, deliver, unwrap, remove materials...)


They take a tour of your house and you simply point out what is going (or what isn't, if that's easier).


After about 5 minutes (seriously) of wandering around the house looking at hundreds of bits of bric-a-brac, furniture and clothes, the guy from Company X said "you're looking at shipping 1035 cubic feet".


Next bloke from Company Y later in the day wandered round and after a few minutes said "you're shipping 1037 cubic feet"......


The bloke from Company Z didn't say the exact volume he'd calculated - only that it would practically fill a 20ft container. Which holds 1100 cu ft.


These guys know their onions...!

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