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    Hi All,


    I am hoping that someone can clarify for me which form(s) my wife will need to complete for a partner visa application.


    From looking at the DIAC website it is the 47SP. However, there is also the 40SP which on the face of it would appear that I need to complete and then there is the 47A for kids.


    A bit of background I am an Aussie by birth and our kids are in the process of getting citizenship to Australia.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    The kids don't need to be included in the application if they're citizens.

    Are you applying from the UK or from australia?

    So you will need form 47SP and 40SP, along with police checks and meds for your wife, and then all the supporting evidence to show that you're in a relationship. (you need more than just the wedding certificate)

    good luck, and if you want more info, you might want to try the poms in oz site, as there's a much bigger migration section over there.

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