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King Size Bed

Guest taunton

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Guest taunton

Hi All


We are bringing our King Size Bed, but I want a new matress, so don't know whether to buy new before leaving and have it shipped, or what is the equivalant to King Size in OZ..... When we first emigrated in 2006 we took new matress with us, but we are trying to keep the shipping costs down this time,,,,


Any info would be great,,




Wend :cute::jiggy:

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Guest Squareman

I would strongly suggest that you measure the bed for the size of mattress it needs to make sure it fits. I have just gone through the same thing here. We bought a Queen size mattress for a supposedly queen size bed that we shipped over and it didn't fit. The guy at IKEA told us that there is no real global standard for such things, much the same as shoes, where you get UK size and US sizes etc.

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IKEA are a law unto themselves as far as sizes of beds go, but generally here in Adelaide a UK King Size bed is an Oz Queen size! Goodness knows why - after all we all share the same Queen!! The Aussie King is bigger again, and then there's Super King....!!


As a rule of thumb though, if you've bought the bed in the UK, probably best to get a mattress there too and bring it all out with you!

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Guest Rich&Susie

Hi Wend,


We bought two mattresses and on bed frame over, so obviously need to buy a 2nd bed frame. However, we found that as a rough guide a UK King is an Oz Queen and UK Super King is Oz King. There are very subtle differences between a UK King and an Oz Queen but shouldn't be too noticeable.


Since arriving we have found out that Oz mattresses are expensive so am quite happy that we bought two over with us!!



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