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Poms in paradise tv programme

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    Guest SusieOR
    I now know what all the waiting had been about. I so want that lifestyle and after watching this programme I want it more than ever.


    Me too... I am so looking forward to watching the rest of the series now ;)



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    It was much what I was expecting for ITV at 7.30pm. Rather crap. Some decent portrayals and interesting people but not much substance. Others somewhat less so and far less favourable portrayals/editing with even less substance.


    I think certain people in this show will be slated. Others not. Its not following them per se, just peeking in to their lives after a certain amount of time in Aus living. I was kind of hoping for a normal family making the move and seeing it from start to finish in there somewhere.


    Overall for a first episode it was pretty weak and not really informative. A bit jaw dropping in places, embarrasing in others (for the wrong reasons as I feared) and bearable for the rest when on the two guys.

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