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    Got this through an email today.....


    Australian Immigration Law Update If you are interested in moving to Australia then NOW is the time to make your immigration application. This is because Australia has changed laws to make immigration easier for skilled workers, students and family members.


    Work in Australia Most importantly, the number of visas on offer to skilled workers will soon increase to 185,000 places per year. This is the first time Australia has increased migration levels since 2008.

    Australia will also introduce the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) to make it faster and easier for workers to move to Australia. The scheme will create 16,000 places for workers to target specific skills shortages in regional areas. Global Visas can help you determine if your skills and experience make you eligible for the scheme.


    Family Visas Visas for people with family members in Australia will also increase to 58,000 places per year. In announcing the changes, Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said it was "socially important" that migrant families can stay together.


    Student Visas In April, the Australian Government changes the rules to make it simpler for students to move to Australia. Successfully applying for an Australian student visa has never been easier thanks to simpler eligibility criteria relating to English language, evidence of funds and previous education.


    More changes ahead With a booming economy and low unemployment, Australia has plenty of opportunities for workers and families to immigrate. Migrants make important contributions to the Australian economy, and the government is doing everything they can to make immigration easier.








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    Hi Heaps Good


    Ever heard of sales pitch, my friend?!


    The stuff that you have repeated is factually accurate - which is a definite start, in my book - but it does not describe the whole of the story - sales pitches never do.


    The reason behind the supposedly Good News is NOT that Australia is enjoying some sort of bonanza. It is happening because the present and previous Aussie Governments have allowed the GSM element of the skilled Immigration programme to become vastly over-subscribed in recent years.


    In an effort to clear up this mess, the Government is keen to encourage GSM visa applicants to obtain offers of employment and sponsorship via the RSMS visa scheme instead. This would ensure that the new migrants would have jobs to go to on Day One and those jobs would be outside of the main capital cities - politically, it is acceptable for a new migrant to move to the sticks since the Aussie Voter has no intention of moving to the sticks himself!


    Sure, it is easier for SOME people to obtain Student Visas for Oz - it is especially easy for wannabes who are native English speakers. However the process of migrating to Oz after the student visa has ended has now become very much harder than it used to be and as of 1st July 2012, it is likely to be even more difficult than it has already become.


    The Aussie Govt have declared that on 1st July 2012, they intend to restrict skilled GSM Immigration to people who have been invited to apply for skilled GSM visas. They expect that the would be migrants will submit Expressions of Interest and then from 1st January 2013, the Govt will start to issue invitations to seek GSM visas. They expect that thousands of people will submit Expressions of Interest but that only the Favoured Few will then receive Invitations to seek visas. This idea is a clone of what the Kiwis are already doing over in NZ.


    It will still be possible for skilled workers to move to Oz if they can find employers who are able, willing and eligible to sponsor them for visas. The emphasis is on the RSMS scheme, in order to keep the new immigrants away from the main cities of Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast City and Perth. There is also going to be emphasis on encouraging less-skilled migrants via the new Regional Migration Scheme - which will again concentrate on supplying the sticks with a new workforce of immigrants.


    From a migration agent's point of view, there is every incentive to encourage as many skilled people as possible to apply for visas before 1st July 2012 because the shutters are likely to come down fairly sharply from that date onwards - which does not bode well for the future profitability of the migration agent's own business.


    People should not believe everything they read in a sales brochure, though, particularly not when that sales brochure is glossy!





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