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Additional oversea's training

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    We have just recieved our State Sponsorship and have applied for you visa's through the DIAC. We've booked the medicals and are in the process of finishing up the rest of the paperwork.:D

    After looking through other threads on this and other sites i've go ta few questions about the PEER training to become an A grade electrician.


    Its supposed to be oversea's training but i've read that you need an Australian address, so how can that be possible if your applying form oversea's?


    I've also read about a company thats called 'Down Under Tradies', and they say that they do a course that is in England and will do all of the theory here, which means you should be more employable in SA. All for £3000.


    Also is any of this required, or is it possibe to get a job just with my British qualifications?


    If anyone could help me out i would be very grateful


    Thanks Andy

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    Guest WhatNow?

    To answer your question about courses in England, some of the training organisations here (presumably including the one you mention) do go over to the UK and offer some training/assessment while you are still in the UK. The only downside is that they know they can charge a lot more for it than they do here in Austrlalia because they know people are using it to fastrack the qualification process. The upside is that at least you know what to expect and you can get most if not all of the theory sorted and start preparing your practical evidence (photos etc) for your prior experience to be evaluated, so it really comes down to how much you want to pay to get fastracked and how much of an advantage that really is. I think if you approach one of these companies you would do well to ask to speak to a former client who went through the process to see if it really is worth the money.

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    Guest Clarky



    My OH is electrician and we are arriving in August. We took the VETASSES route.


    I spoke to PEER this week and you can do the GAP training (I think they call it upskilling) whilst here in the UK and then do a revision course & sit your exam when you get there. It costs about $770 plus the books. The revision course is 3-4 days adn if you pass you're good to go


    Someone on Poms In Adelaide (really sorry cant remember who - but thanks again to them) sent us the course books by email. I can send you them if you want - let me know!


    Hope this helps



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