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Books for young kids on Australia

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    Hi guys, we have just started telling our children, aged 6 and 3, about the possible move to Australia. I was just wondering if anyone knew any good books for their ages about Australia. I have looked on Amazon and ebay but there doesnt seem to be much out there.


    My 3 yr old doesnt really understand but my 6 yr old gets very sad and says he will miss all his friends. Really pulls on my heart strings but thought if I could show him what we are moving to and what adventures we will get up to it might ease the pain!!





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    It's horrible when the children say that, makes you feel awful.... but they will be ok. It must be more scary for them leaving everything they know behind - maybe do some image searches on Google as well to show some nice pictures of beaches, koalas, kangaroos and sunshine! Don't worry though- they will love it. My 6 year old was worst for saying things like that - and she has well and truly settled here, having fun at school with lots of new friends.


    I had some story books by Steve Parish, cant remember the titles offhand but they were just nice little stories to read at bedtime, and the pictures in the books were photos of proper places and animals instead of drawings..

    Just found this for you if it's of interest.

    Hope that helps a bit.



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    Are we there yet? By Alison Lester - 8YO and family travelling around Australia - fantastic story to read them

    Wombat Stew by Marcia K Vaughan

    Mem Fox books - just put mem fox in on book depository and see what they have

    Steve Parish books are fantastic for the photos but the stories are weak - having said that my children have always liked them, some are better than others but def worth it for the photos


    Wombat goes Walkabout by Michael Morpurgo (he was the childrens Laureat and that's an English book)

    There are a number of stories around published in the UK, just browse the childrens flats in somewhere like waterstones, such as Where are you Little Wombat, (can't remember the author... those last ones are also UK books and really you'd have no prob ordering those or buying them in waterstones, that's where we got ours years ago before we came here).


    Good idea, there are some lovely Australian childrens books, but also some good English ones about Australian animals... so have some great reading fun!

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