NAB bank account charges?

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    My wife and two children are travelling to Perth on Sunday to activate our SA state sponsored visa (strange I know but its purely down to cost as we are looking to save for the actual move in July 12). We have opened an NAB bank account from the UK and we have been told that we need to visit a branch with ID to start the account, could we do this in Perth or will we have to wait until we arrive in Adelaide? If so, do the NAB charge for having an account?


    Any advice will be most helpful



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    Guest R175

    Hi jimandbarb


    We done the activation thing in November 2010 and the NAB acc thing too. We done ours in Adelaide so can't help there but we opened a migrant account (I think that is what it is called) we got EPTOS cards and no fees. If you contact your personal banker by email they are excellent and will advise or ring NAB in London migrant team I seem to remember they help and gave some advice.....


    Hope it helps and enjoy yourselves....hope to see you when we are all in Adelaide....lol

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