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    My head is a bit battered from figuring out shipping quotes, organising renting our house out and all other Adelaide bound necessities this week. Hoping somebody can give me some advice on the more important business of finding work.

    I am a secondary school teacher and to be honest I am starting to think maybe I need a career change on arrival as there seems to be very little work for me over there.

    I have been on DECS and started to fill in the registration for work (not that they are showing as having any positions for me) but then saw something about TRB (teachers registration board or South Australia) and wondered if I have to register with TRB before I can complete the application for work with DECS? Can I apply to TRB whilst I am still in the UK?

    I have been on the TRB website but the links are sending me round in circles (which is probably just my current state of mind) I got an overseas qualification recognition certificate as part of the visa application. Can this be used for the TRB registration or do I need to apply/pay for that again?

    Also does anybody know if you can teach primary with a secondary teaching qualification? I was a bit confused on the DECS application when it asked the age/year you could teach a subject up to. When you selected the older age groups it automatically included everything from year 1 upwards!?

    Would appreciate any help and advice. Thank you.

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    You need to register with TRB before you can register with DECS, but you won't be able to do this until you are in Aus, as you need to do a First Aid and Mandatory Child Training Course (both one day long) in Aus and submit the certificates from these as part of your registration.


    You will need to submit your uni transcripts etc again to the TRB to be assessed - your AITSL assessment doesn't count for TRB registration apparently, they want to assess them themselves. You also need your ACRO from your visa application, as well as a police check when you get to Australia - they have the forms for that apparently.



    1) Get to Aus

    2) Do first aid and mandatory training

    (and at same time apply for your qualifications to be assessed by TRB - and yes, unfortunately pay for it again)

    3) Apply for Aus police check

    4) submit all pieces of paper (overseas qualifications & their assessment outcome, certs from point 2., ACRO, passport & visa etc etc) and pay registration fee

    5) wait 2-6 weeks


    Then your registration should come through.

    Then you take that and can register with DECS, who will give you a card so you can go and do relief not through them in state schools, and/or apply for temp/perm/relief jobs through them.


    Some links for you:

  (there are loads of links in this bit for courses etc as well)


    With regards to being able to teach - I believe its the same as the UK in that you are allowed to teach whatever you want, you just have to convince them to let you :)


    PS don't forget the Catholic and Private schools as well, who don't go through DECS for jobs...., and if you go through DECS you might have to do rural time before you get full time perm in Adelaide or near.

    PPS (Second edit lol) - and another thing - don't forget that Australia is a bit different than over here with regards to how you get teaching jobs/how they go about things apparently - talking to my Aussie teacher friends its completely normal and usual to get a relief job, it turn into a longer term relief job and then it turn into a perm. job (like they aren't really allowed to do here, yet have started to do more and more) - so if you don't see a huge heap of stuff on DECS, don't stress hugely imho - PLUS don't forget the school year doesn't start until Jan over there, so whereas the big school push is going to happen in the next week or so here, in Aus theres still ages and ages until the end of the year and that whole game....

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