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Cash back for water rebates...ending soon!

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    A lot of the water rebates have been cancelled.


    You have until the end of June to claim a rebate for plumbing in a water tank to your toilet or laundry.

    The tank has to be above 1000 litre capacity.


    If you buy a 3000l litre water tank for $550 and a pump for $150 and get it plumbed in to your house you will get back between $750 and $1000. You have the plumbers charge but essentially ithe tank and pump costs you nothing...but only till the end of this month.

    All details on the SA water web site.


    You can also claim an additional $200 for a stand alone rainwater tank.



    • Plumbed-in rainwater tanks - Between $200 and $1000 towards the cost of purchase and retrofit of a rainwater tank into your home for uses such as toilet flushing, clothes washing or for hot water supply


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    Guest eager6

    Thats great thanks Tamara!!By the way do you know the best phone system to buy in Adelaide for free calls etc to UK.

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    Hi there,

    I am not sure about a free call system.

    I presently have 5 Skype subscriptions for the houses and myself. They are all unlimited world but you can select just one country such as the UK and pay around $5 per month for this selected country. This looks like a good option with the new internet and smart tv's coming onto the market as you can have a naked adsl line and don't have to pay for a phone line...calls can then be made on the tv as well as through a voip phone. The new tv's advertise skype capability and I will look at putting the tv's in the houses and removing the computers that are there at present.

    I have found the skype phone quality to be good most of the time. It really depends upon your usage as there are some realy good mobile cap options that include hundreds of minutes of talk time and include overseas calls in the usage.


    hope that this helps.



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