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paid recreational staff wanted

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    Hi all,


    Me again, and for those of you that don't know, i work for Minda. Feel free to have a look at my previous posts. This time i am not looking for volunteers, i am looking for people interested in supporting people with an intellectual disability to enable them to participate in community activities. These activities may be a job they have, an activity such as a singing group, art group etc. The job would not be supporting them in their home, it would be for recreation only. (PAID)


    You must have a driving license, Cert 3 in Disability or NVQ in care and First Aid. You need to be a motivated person with energy and be fairly flexible. Some activities may be for a few hours a day in the morning over several days. Some may be a few hours in the evening. It all depends on the person and the persons Activity Plan. We are flexible as to how many hours you want to do. Your hours would not change every week, they would be set and you would more than likley be working with the same person every week doing the same activities.


    If you would like more details feel free to PM me


    Thanks Jo x

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