9week old Toy Ladbradoodle puppy for sale

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    Hi My friend is looking for a good home for a adorable 9week old Toy Labradoodle puppy. He is toilet trained and has had his vaccinations.


    A sandy/dark apricot colour...


    Will add photos later.


    Please Call Anne - 0411 740834

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    Toilet trained - he will go on the puppy pads.


    Hi Lindsey...he was our dog, but my hubby and daughter have dog allergies and we thought that a labradoodle would be fine - but they werent, so we sold him to a friend of ours....but after just a few days...she is very allergic to him as well.


    He is a lovely puppy, playful and also cuddly....its such an unfortunate start for him...hence he needs a loving family. His coat is curly but also very fluffy...and it does shed a bit - so not good for someone with allergies.



    ps - how do I add a photo?

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    Why not return him to the breeder. Any decent one will take back a puppy if you are unable to keep him due to allergies or some such. In fact, most good breeders would rather take the dog back then know it is being sold on to a home they haven't vetted or approved. These first 6 months are so important to a dog. Get in touch with the breeder and see if they can help.

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