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    Hi all,

    By now, some of you would have noticed im now sending out more threads as we are getting closer to hopefully getting our visas, let me apologies now if this thread has been answered loads of times, but id like to know what the job situation is like in SA, what job sites should people like me be looking at and area's with higher job interests (i am a plumber/heating/gas fitter etc).

    Im sure that business/companies in SA wont be interested in people still living in the Uk until they actually land on SA soil (if im wrong please let me know who would be), but if i could have a head start or even if it turns out to be a paper exercise, i would be interested in getting the ball rolling.

    Any advise would be grateful.


    Thanks Gary

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    Guest SusieOR

    From what I have seen...


    Lots of people advise to get your CV "aussiefied"... I think they use a slightly different format to us... so this is something you could do now!!!


    Good Luck Gary



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    Hi Gary


    This post would probably be better under the jobs and careers section, look under there for more info.




    Thanks Jessica, i got a bit carried away with messaging and forgot what section i was on, iv moved it now...:D

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