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    Just looking into short term rentals for when we arrive, and im sure I remember reading somewhere about SA gov offering short term rentals at reduced prices for new migrants? Just been looking on the website but cant seem to find any info on this. Do they still offer this or has it now stopped? We dont really want to go straight into a 12mth lease, or pay a fortune for holiday accomm.


    Any advice appreciated.




    Lisa ;)

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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    Hiya Lisa.

    I think your on about On arrival Accomadation (OOA) but i think that has stopped now.

    You will need to look at some sort of tempory accomadation as it takes about 2 weeks for the paper work and house checks are done.

    Holiday Accomodation may sound a bit expensive at $500 to $700 per week but we stayed in a hotel for the first 2 weeks and it a lot more with having to eat out every night cause of no cooking facilitys, internet access, washing.

    There are people on here that have holiday accomadation and you get a lot more for your money with all the help they give you as well plus it gives you time to look around to find somewhere to settle without rushing and panicing.

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    Guest WhatNow?

    Yes the on arrival accommodation has now finally ceased, as has the meet and greet service.

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