457 sponsorship - any tips?

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    I'm currently nearly half way through my one year work/ holiday visa here in Oz and I'm loving it!!

    I've certainly not done the typical back packer thing...infact I've ended up living and working in Whyalla here in SA!

    Am enjoying it so much - I really don't think that 1 year is long enough to stay here and see everything. I'm looking for a business to sponsor me but they all seem reluctant (unless you're a CEO or something)...has anyone got any tips?

    My background and degree is in events, marketing and venue management but I'm currently working in construction as a travel and accommodation co-ordinator...very versatile!!!

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated :-) :D

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    Guest Squareman

    Your employer needs to prove that they can't access your skills locally, so the best thing would be to attempt to get a job in an area where there isn't a large number of people with your skills and experience. The more experience you have, the easier it is to get a 457. The employer has to demonstrate the benefit of employing you, but at the same time, it can't be to the detriment of potential local candidates. Your employer also needs to prove that they do training with existing staff. Keep looking and good luck

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    Saw these job tioday saying they would sponsor can you do any of the following, also over the last feww weks i have jobs advertised for event co-ordinators etc etc....


    have a look through








    hope these help somehow ;)



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