Can any Adelaide expat sparkys help

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    Hi, you wise people over there, I just got back from Adelaide a couple of days ago, me and my wife met a few of the great people who have taken the leap before us, Rob, Rachel, Sam, Russell,and Michelle, all mentors here.


    Anyway, the thing is, whether to do my gap training here in the uk, at a cost of 3 grand plus traveling to london for seven weekends. or wait till we land over there. I have my ostsr (vetasses) done, a very kind gentleman called Brian has offered to give me a tryout with a fab looking firm in Hindmarsh. we are due to land around December time 2011, Marie my wife is going to study a midwifery degree at uni, so we are on a student visa, so i will need guidence from some fab selfless person out there (creep creep), who may have been in this position before. and help will be very welcome, see you all soon. Jay.:o

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    Jay it was very nice to meet you and the family.


    Give us a shout if you need any help with anything.


    Make sure you keep in touch.


    Sent you a private message have a look.


    Rob and the family

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    Yep the UK phones work out here just remember to get them unlocked so you can use them on any network.

    Was it not a UK phone you had with a OZ sim card?

    I would not recommend the company we used will let you know privately who they are.

    Rob and Mel

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