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What next?!!

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    Guest bidsandrew

    Hi guys, our meds were done last week Thurs and we have been told by our agent that everything has been received. She has said we should hear back in about 4 weeks possibly earlier!!

    My question is, what to do next?? There seems to be so many things to start considering, put the house on the market, start looking into containers, start trying to find short term accommodation in Aus, decide on area, schools etc etc etc..........!!

    I know our house is prob the first thing that needs to be done but what did everyone start doing next? We think maybe we shouldn’t decide definitely on area and schools until we are actually out there so think we will get short term acc in a fairly central area so we can look around. Can you just arrive at a school to look around or does it need to be by appointment?

    Does anyone know how long containers take to get out to Aus? I moved from South Africa to the UK in 1997 and im sure it took something like 3 months. Is it still about the same?

    What sort of things do people generally take from the UK to Aus in terms of household items? Again when I moved from South Africa we bought everything from plates and cutlery to all our white goods which actually wasn’t necessary as it cost us more to bring than it would have cost to buy here!

    Im sorry for all the random questions but I just dont know where to start!!



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