Preparing to apply for SA SS

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    Can anyone give me any tips or advice to help me prepare for the SS application. I am waiting for my skills assessment to be done and want to prepare whatever I can, so I can apply for SS as soon as skills comes back (subject to SA SS re-opening!). Time is a massive factor for me........45 soon!!:sad:



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    Guest pixie7


    We were the same regarding a tight timescale. I would start by gathering all the main applicants details/docs- work dates and duties of each job.


    The longest bit was asking why you want to live in SA. There are 5 separate boxes you can complete 200 words each I think. We used there website and took a lot of info and quotes from there but also references real estate sites etc. We wrote a bit about our job opportunities out there, a bit about lifestyle, a bit about housing and a bit about how fabulous Adelaide is and affordable/family friendly/expanding/cheapest capital of a state etc


    Im sure you will be fine and others will be along to help you just as they helped me.;)

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