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Bad schools.

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    There are so many "good" reports on schools here, which ones do you avoid.appreciate this may be emotive!

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    If I were selecting a school now I would.....

    1) read the school's context statement....

    if the teachers get extra brownie points for working there hmmmmm. This document also lists facilities, background of the school and the feeder kindies and schools etc.


    2) look at the results on the My school website from the Naplan tests for the past few years looking for an upward trend even if scores were low to begin with. This would show that the school is using the results to highlight areas for improvement and dealing with them.


    3) read the online school newsletters to see how they celebrate their students' achievements and general school most schools have a principal's blurb at the start of each newsletter, if this seems to contain the same things reminding students AND staff to turn up to lessons on time well...hmmm.


    4) drive past the school at home time to see how the kids behave in general


    5) think about what it is that we as a family require from a school AND THEN VISIT....


    Asking others can be helpful but bear in mind these will be biased as those that had issue wil leave and those thatlove it will stay. I think you have to do your groundwork, visit with your kids and then go with your gut feeling, it will probably be right and remember that there are always going to be some negatives.

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