Working Laptop - Swap for Slab of Beer or Fridge Freezer :-)

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    I've got one of the following, surplus to requirements, and would be willing to part with it for a single slab (24 bottles) of Boag's Premium, or something similar:


    Compaq Armada M700

    Pentium III 800

    320MB RAM


    Power Adapter


    Not the most modern laptop I grant you but it works very well, has a fresh install of Windows XP Pro, Antivirus and includes a full install of Office 2007. Even the battery works, although I'm not sure how long for.


    No wireless, unfortunately, but does have built-in wired networking and 2 x PCMCIA slots.


    Alternatively, if anyone has a working fridge/freezer, in good condition, they'd like shot of, I'll deliver it and take the F/F of your hands :-)




    PM if interested.



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    Guest parko

    Hi orrellijet


    yes i will swap for a slab Boag's Premium it will do for my youngest son to play on if the offer still on



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