What paper work to bring ??

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    Hiya all, please can you tell me what references we will need to bring with us to oz ....

    For rental/jobs/bank etc etc .


    thanks guys


    carolyn x

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    Well you can open a bank account online from the UK iirc so you shouldn't have to worry there. With regards to job refs, depending on what your line of work is many Aussie companies don't seem to give references anymore. As to if they take them up, cover your bases and have a good list of previous employers who are happy to provide references if needed.


    For rentals perhaps have a look in threads on renting properties. Do a bit of a search using the forum search and see if you can dig anything up. I'd think you'd need a bank account and if you've rented before a reference from previous landlord won't hurt.


    Its mainly common sense I reckon and just having those names and contact numbers to hand if need be.

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    I would bring as much as you can, as i reckon its better to have it than think god i wish we had brought it with us.


    TBH tho we didnt bring that much with us, we used the folk who owned the furnished rental we stayed in for references for long term rentals.



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