Tips or what to watch out for when looking at a long term rentals

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    I was reading another thread about homes to rent and there were a few helpful suggestions on properties currently available.


    My tip is:


    One of the homes had a lot of "down lights" - beautiful house but down lights consume a lot of electricity and can add many dollars to your rental costs - the ABC did a story on it a while ago


    There must be others that people are aware of. What bugged you about your rental home that you would be wary of next time?

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    Make sure it has air conditioning, when we were looking agents tried to tell us that airconditioning wasnt needed as it doesnt get that hot in Adelaide!:goofy:

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    Guest Tina P

    Heating is a must, our 1st rental had a tiny 3 bar gas fire for the entire open plan home, we only had carpet in the bedroom's, everywhere was tiles or laminate - freezing.


    I was very home sick when we came over and looking back I'm sure if we had had a warmer rental it would have made being here a bit better !

    We stayed for 1 yr and got a much nicer rental for the next 6 months - really cosy with great heating.



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