Nasty Spider

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    Check this beast out







    Actually saw the add on the telly and it was so funny we rewound and watched it again! :biglaugh:

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    Guest moonraker1959

    You'd think after spending 30 years in Oz and having quite a few encounters with various spiders including the red back,and huntsman I'd be,well comfortable with the spiders in the UK?Yeah right!lol The other morning,the alarm went off next to my side of the bed,went to turn it off and saw a huge spider crawling away from me!To say I nearly **** myself would be an understatement!!! It crawled off somewhere behind my bedside table.I havent slept in my bed since and have been sleeping in the spare room for the last few nights!lol OH in the meantime today,pulled the bed out,and tables,and was seen vacuuming the bedroom for about 30 minutes.He seems to think that by doing this I will return to our bedroom?No chance!He did'nt find the spider and I ain't returning!lol lol

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