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Greetings from Singapore

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    Guest Nix

    Hi everyone in Adelaide,


    Greetings from a Singaporean, 5400km away.


    My wife and I finally received our PRs and are ready to move to Australia latest by September this year.

    To be honest we had never considered Adelaide as our destination. We were looking at Perth instead as my wife is more familiar with it having spent 2 years there for her studies.


    Recently my wife's company informed her that the Adelaide wing is offering a possible internal transfer. Earlier her HR had told her that there was no vacancy in Perth or anywhere else in Australia. She will be having a conversation with her interviewer over phone the next week. Should the interview be positive and offer her the transfer we are seriously looking into moving to Adelaide, a place we know nothing much about.


    It's a bit premature to ask questions perhaps, since her transfer is not cast in stone yet. However, I am worried if I will be able to find jobs in Adelaide myself. I am currently working in the construction field in my country.


    I am working in a company doing steel fabrication as well as site installation. We also do architectural finishes such as aluminium cladding and glass. My job is project management in nature, estimate and purchase the materials during planning stage and coordinate activities during installation stage. Are jobs in this nature common in Adelaide? If not, do you have any advice for me which area suitable for me to look into. I am willing to take a backstep as long as I have an income to survive in Adelaide.


    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading :cute:

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    Sorry I can not help with the job situation as I have no information in that area. Anyway welcome to the forum everyone will help when they can so good luck with your next phase of your adventure and hope it all goes your way.



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