plumbing qualification equivalents in SA

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    Hi all,

    just wondering if anyone knew the Australian equivalent to an NVQ level three in plumbing and also gas safe registered? been trying to find this online but having some difficultly.

    Im a twenty five year old plumber looking to apply for SA 176, has anyone been in the same shoes? Any advice on applying for SA 176 would be much appreciated. Passed vetassess just waiting for SA to re-open on the website. Also when applying for SA 176 do you have to have a job offer? Thanks alot Si :smile:

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    Guest Asil

    You will probably need to look at TAFESA web sites. Plumbers in SA are gas fitters also so you will need to go to TAFE for Qualifications.

    They also have plumbers for roofs over here, it has something to do with fitting roofs and sorting the drainage out.

    Look into it, I understand Plumbers dig all the trench work to.

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    Lets pretend you are an Ozy for this conversation.

    You leave school and go and do an apprenticeship at TAFE.(under direct supervision)(Poms are here....)

    Once completed this gives you a Level 3 certificate.

    You can then work "under technical direction" (someone else).

    Then you have to go and do the Level 4 plumbing course.

    This gives you "Be able to certify"....(work for your self).

    Every one is a plumber but there are 3 different categories ROOF PLUMBER(roof work....PLUMBER (drainage,hot cold water,etc) or GAS PLUMBER(gas work).


    I have just managed to get my licence upgraded from "under direct supervision" to under technical direction"

    This has taken 19 months from getting here to licence.

    I am about to start my level 4 Gas and do a business course so I could start to work for myself.

    This should hopefully be completed by Christmas.


    Be prepared for quite a lot of collage(tafe) work when you get here.....oh and its not free....or cheep!!


    You do not have to have a job when applying for a 176 visa but it does no harm to try and contact them.


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