Guest charlie&donna

Hi from Leeds

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    Guest charlie&donna

    Hi, we thought it would be good to indtroduce ourselves.


    My name is Kyle and I am 9 years old (10 in September)


    My Favourite things are:


    Nickname: Patch

    Sport: Football & Tennis (and watching all sports)

    Team(s): Ajax, Leeds United, Adelaide United, England, Holland, Australia, Barcelona, Drighlington Juniors, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Spain, Man City (never United).

    TV Programme:Top Gear

    Film: 007's

    Activity: Playing video games on either PS2, WII or PSP.

    Video Game: Goldeneye (its dad's really)

    Place: Home

    Books: Harry Potters

    School Subject: History

    Toy/object: Nintendo Wii

    Experience: Getting a phone call from Edgar Davids (Dutch Footballer) after my first operation for Glaucoma.



    My name is Coral and I am 5 years old (6 in October)


    My Favourite things are:


    Nickname: Bubbles

    Sport: Football

    Team(s): England and Australia

    TV Programme: Imagination Movers

    Film: Stardust (as I watch it with my mummy) and the Nightmare Before Christmas (which I watch with my daddy)

    Activity: Playing Princesses

    Video Game: Just Dance & Dance on Broadway

    Place: Swimming Pool

    Books: Harry Potter

    School Subject: Doing Maths

    Toy/object: Doggy (have had doggy since I was a baby and he goes everywhere with me)

    Experience: Going to Spain; getting my flamenco dress, playing in the pool and spending time with my Mummy, Daddy and brother.

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    Hi Charlie and Donna .

    I have a daughter who is 10 and looking for friends her name is Lauren.

    We dont live to far from yourself as we live in Thackley Bradford.

    I will let Lauren know when she gets in and get her to send a message.

    All the best with your move.

    Trev Vicki and Lauren.

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    Guest cyprus2001

    hi i have a son aged 9 his name is joe he also likes football and tennis and playing on the computer, we are moving in august to port noarlunga and joe and his brother weill be attending port noarlunga primary, what area are you moving to?

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    Guest cyprus2001
    my daughter is also going to Port Noarlunga primary and we move over in Sept.


    really,theyll probably end up knowing of each other then both being new and british, by the sounds of it they have a lot of british at the school apparently. Was it you trevor that was trying to sor tout vets football team. as my OH was interested in that so if was and you still up for it hell be in.

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