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Distance Between Hallett Cove & Glenelg

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    Can anyone confirm the distance & travel time between Hallett Cove & Glenelg as we were originally planning to find a place in Glenelg close to friends when we arrive on the 27th June but after looking at property we really like the look of Hallett Cove but we do not want to be too far away from friends when we first arrive.


    Also can anyone who lives in Hallett Cove give us an idea of what it is like as a place.




    Derek & Jak

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    Guest Libby1971



    As a guideline approx 10 mins once you are on Brighton Road/ Ocean Boulevard (the stupid road changes name) but getting to the road may take a few mins on top of this.



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    Guest Roo1

    I love living in Hallett Cove but you'll need a car to go to the shops as its very hilly (but then again you might love long walks up and down hills?:swoon:)


    As you drive around Hallett Cove you'll see the Gulf of Vincent from most areas. The Cove Road is a lovely drive which brings you to Marino then on to Sea cliff. Libby's right, its about 10 mins to Glennelg on the main road with lots of shops to look at on the way down. (I'm always having a nosey looking from my car as I stop at traffic lights)


    The Hallett Cove shopping centre is having a face lift, so in time its going to have everything you need there.


    If you have problems finding a place in Hallett Cove, then look also at Sheidow Park and Trott Park as these places are opposite Hallett Cove on the otherside of Lonsdale Road.


    Hope this helps.


    Judi x

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