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Do we bring the dogs?

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    Guest Eggy's

    Hi All,


    Firstly I feel we should introduce ourselves properly. There's the three of us Matt, Ollie and Me (Jules), then there's the dogs, Dandy (4) and Louis (5).

    Ollie is the main reason we want to live in Australia. We want our little boy to enjoy the outdoors lifestyle and we want to spend more time with him. Hopefully he can surf, cycle, play footie etc all much more enjoyable without the rain and we hope to have a better work/life balance! So fingers crossed we'll be making the move next year. We're in the early stages of application, just waiting for our Vet Assess to come back.

    We're looking for some advice and hoping some of you can share your experiences of transferring your pet dogs?

    We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, both very spoilt (they were our babies until Oliver arrived!) We can't bare the thought of leaving them behind but equally we don't know how well they will cope with the flight and the quarantine period. They're very gentle little dogs and can be fussy eaters. They walk/run in the park everyday and spend the evenings on our laps as stress busters!

    Have any of you taken Cavvies? If they do cope with the move, how long does it take them to get over the separation anxiety? How was quarantine for your dog, does it help to visit? Will they then adjust to the heat? Will we find a rental? If you can help answer any of these questions we would love to hear from you.

    This is the first of many posts I'm sure, so many questions! We look forward to reading your replies :smile:

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    Guest Nick11

    Bring them. As you said they are part of your family. You will always regret it if you don't.

    Dogs are a lot more resilent than we give them credit for. Your dogs are young..they have that going for them.

    It's only normal to feel this way.

    Can't help you with the travel process..but regards rentals..there are pet friendly rentals out there. We own a rental and the tennant has 2 massive alsations..not a problem at all. It's just a matter of finding pet friendly rentals and like most things in life it is all about getting the timing right!!!

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    I left my 2 springer spaniels back in the Uk but as they went to my bother in laws it wasn't a problem. One of them was old and I didn't want to split them.

    Various people I have met bought their dogs with them and the general consensus seems to be that whilst the dogs really didn't like quarantine (especially single dogs), it was for a limited period and a least the dog was safe.

    6 months ago I bought red setter puppy. Having a dog here can be quite different to the UK. I'm up in the Barossa so I'm out of the city and suburbs but problems still exist. Land access - forget historic footpaths and land access. Access to the countryside is generally more limited. City parks can be no go areas unless the dog is on a lead or in a specially designated zone.

    The local view towards dogs is quite different to the UK. Dogs are for work and even pet dogs would normally live outside. Finding a rental that allows dogs (even ones kept outside) can be much harder.

    The real downer for me is access to the national parks. I came over here for adventure and space. The national & conservation parks, which can be urban as well as rural, do not allow dogs even ones on leads. If you intend to go to these areas then having a dog can be very awkward. My reaction to this was truely British, namely I'll just get caught and deny all, but heres the crunch - poisonous bait. The only areas that you can guarentee there is no bait is in the special dog parks. All other space where you can walk, even on a lead, may well have bait. Its used to kill off foxes and should be signed but whilst the signs have a life of a few months, the poison can last for ages. A friend lost here dog in a park near Williamstown after it unbeknown to her ate bait. Dead, painfully, in 4 hours and she was a vet.

    Having said all of this, I love having my dog and its really good for the kids. But I must say have a dog here is harder work than the UK. My rental allows the dog inside the house and I own acreage nearby for the dog to run whilst I build a house but I'm pleased I didn't bring my dogs from the UK as I had enough to sort out without the stress of them. The problems of having a dog are the same whatever breed they are - land officials, landlords etc don't care if they are proper dogs or spuashed brainers like cavaliers!! (sorry, just joking).

    Finally I must also say that come summer you need to remember that you cannot pop into the supermarket and leave the dog in the car for 10 minutes as its gets really hot. I love it here and I love my dog but Australia is the land of 1000 petty rules - dogs have to be council registered which is fine, but theres even a law defining the legal length of the dog lead!

    If you want to bring your dogs over then consider leaving them with friends or family for a few months whilst you get sorted over here and then get the flown over.

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    Guest HeatherandPip


    When I came out there was no question of whether Pip (border collie cross rescue dog) would come too. If he wasnt going, I wasnt going! Having said that, I worried more about getting him out here than i did about leaving home myself! So i understand your concerns. I agree with the above post, I would advise you to set up here yourself and then have the dogs sent out. Pip stayed with dad from feb when I left, until July, by which time I was sorted with a house and a car (and this meant I didnt have the job of sending him off to begin his journey - something my poor Dad said was the hardest thing he has ever done!!).

    Cannot begin to describe how wonderful the reunion was!

    I was full of worry about Pip travelling and being in quarantine. As a rescue dog, he is very very sensitive and has suffered separation anxiety in the past.

    I decided to pay more than doing it all myself and enlisted JetPets to organise the whole thing


    -Jetpets Animal Transport

    Aus Wide 1300 668 309

    Tel: +61 3 9339 4300

    Fax: +61 3 9335 1206


    It is expensive but you know your pet is in good hands. I highly recommend them, they are very caring and empathic, dont mind how many times you call or email with concerns. Pip was very well looked after during the flight and then had 30 days in quarantine in Melbourne where he fell in love with his keeper ( they have a designated carer) and when I collected him he looked healthier and happier than ever (although I think his happiness came from seeing me again).

    As far as life here goes for dogs, it is not as free for walking as maybe you are used to, but you will soon find the good places (and if you cant, I'll let you know). Rentals I found to be tricky - they are out there, but few and far between, and wanting to keep a pet will limit you - depends on how flexible you can be with price and area.

    I worried about how Pip would cope with the heat as he struggled in English summers! So far he has been alright, but you do have to be aware - take the dogs out very early on hot days, dont expect to be able to take them anywhere in a car during the summer etc. You, and they, will adapt.

    Good luck!

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    Guest Eggy's

    Thanks so much for all the information, it's certainly given us a better idea about life in Oz for dogs.Sounds like life can be a little trickier with dogs in tow, but they are part of our family and Ollie would be lost without his playmates. I think we'll arrange for them to stay here with family for the first 6mths or so until we are sorted, then depending on how easy/difficult the rental situation is we will get them sent over later? Really appreciate your replies


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