NVQ3 in Health/Physiotherapy...HELP PLEASE

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    Hi All,

    Dont know whether anyone can help me.

    We have our Visa granted and gained this under my OH's profession but just wondered if I want to persue the same career as in the UK, Physiotherapy assistant and have already gained my NVQ 3 in this (Jan 11) will I need to go through SA to have this officially recognised or will my UK certificate be suffice to gain employment as we already have our visa granted.....Did that make sense?




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    Alison, I think I may hazard a guess..Not many Uk qualifications stand on there own here, you will need to undertake some additional study,training.I would say nvq means very little here in regards to physiotherapy, I may wrong..Good luck don't get too frustrated things happen eventually

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    Hi Allison


    Heres a link to a Allied Health Physiotherapist Assistant (AHPA) what they are called here, advert for a vacant position, download the job specs and personal specs will give you a good idea of what they look for here.


    Im an OT myself here in SA :)


    Hope this Helps





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