Guest stephb

to do list ?!!

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    Guest stephb

    hello all

    i am just starting to think about things i might need to do before the final move, and thought id pick your helpful brains! im planning to leave end of april, so still have a bit of time, but thought a clear list of stuff to do might be helpful... Had a brief browse of internet, but not for long so if anyone knows helpful sites would be great to hear about them! things i have thought of so far are:


    * sorting out bank accounts to be accessible down under

    * shipping stuff over

    * sorting somewhere to stay when i arrive

    * booking flights (hoping thats crucial enough that i wont forget :wideeyed:)

    * cancelling direct debits and things here

    * stopping student loan/finding out what happens with this if im not in uk

    * telling friends and family of the change of address, getting everyones correct contact details and trying to store them somewhere i won't lose them :o


    hmm, thats all i can think of just now...! i guess things are rather easier for me than many as im going alone, and dont have a house to sell! but hope the thread might be a bit useful to anyone with the big move still ahead of them...


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    now i hope to be moving in march-april so you never know we might be on the same flight accounts im using HSBC preimer account to get my money there as its a world wide bank

    2.not sure where you are in london im in east london so im using COPSEYS in romford they will move the contents of a two bedhouse and other stuff in a 20' container for just over £3000

    3.somewhere to stay..there is lots ofplaces to stay cheaply just all depends where you are going try this site flights....all depends on who you use i will be using sinaporeairways again cant fault them in anyway as its going to be my new life downunder im going first class


    as for other stuff you need to do then but i would keep you england bank account open


    hope this helps im just to tired to keep punching these keyboard letters



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    Guest KarenR

    Hello there,


    Im in the same boat as you, hopefully i will be hearing whether my application is successful or not within the next few weeks but im trying to be positive and make some arrangements so i can leave pretty much straight away (I'm in desperate need of some sunshine!). i was just wondering if you had any news on the stopping of your student loan when you leave the country, or what the situation is?


    In terms of your other queries, ive just opened an internet bank account that i can access over there but will open an account with one of the countywide banks such as commonwealth as i found before that if you open a state only bank ie. Adelaide Bank then it can be difficult to access your money if you go out of that state. You can either transfer your money from here or your bank can complete a cheque in $ for you to take with you.


    im not taking anything with me so i cant help you there


    As for accommodation on arrival, SA do a kind 'meet and greet service' on arrival to help you settle in. the link is: - i dont know if its what you are after but a positive is that you will be with other people who have done the same and will understand the upheaval from the UK.


    Flights? what you worrying about? Just type ‘flights Australia’ into any search engine and pick which ever one your budget can manage.


    Anyway, look forward to hearing from you.



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    Guest graandjac

    Hi steph, if you go to , if i remember rightly some where on the site is a check list of things to be done and it can be printed off, Iam sure the smack fairy will confirm this if she has caught up on her sleep yet.....hehehe:SLEEP:


    Cheers Graham

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    Guest mOZzy

    'smack smack smack'!


    someone has to help that poor fairy out sometimes .. and i just fancied doing it :P

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