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Save lots of money : Electricity and Gas:

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    Hi there,

    This is really useful for everyone here and everyone that arrives: any possibility of it becoming a sticky?


    I had a visit on the weekend from a rep from Origin (electricity and gas supplier). I am presently with AGL and have three gas and three electricty accounts with them.


    I presently receive a 5% discount on my bills.


    The offer from Origin was to give me a 12% discount and they would pay the $50 AGL penalty for changing to them. A friend at work was offered a 14% discount from Tru energy.

    I gave AGL a call and they increased my discount from the 5% to 10% if I stayed with them. This is a saving of hundreds of Dollars.


    Bottom line: It's the same gas or electricity whatever supplier you choose and in Oz you have options.

    Make the call to your supplier and tell them you have a better discount option from another supplier.


    Then see what increased discount they will give you....

    It's possible to save lots of money just by asking for a bigger discount.....the contact numbers are on your accounts.



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    Thank you so much for this.

    I am with AGl and I wasn't getting any discount. gave them a call and they first said 5%. When I said that I had been offered more discount to change to someone else they increased it to 10. Bloody hell just for the sake of a phone call.



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    Guest tpgc03

    We are with Origin at minute and called them today to explain that we are moving into our new home and was contemplating cancelling to go with Tru Energy.

    Origin gave me 10% discount on both Gas and Elec charges ;)

    worth a phone call

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