Flights Booked,

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    Hello all,


    We re really happy today :notworthy:We have finally booked our Plane tickets for Adelaide, we fly on the 6th August evening and arrive on the 8th ..

    Cant believe it, Its been a very stressful time with the house sale and communiction with the other buyers did not go smoothly-However now we dont care:biglaugh:, Sons last day at school was very emotional for him,poor lad we did ask him if we had made a mistakewith all the upset, about Australia he still said no and is looking forward to it,-he's allright now.


    short term rent booked, Adelaide here we come:daydreaming::shocked:,




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    Guest Katy & Daz

    Congratulations! Great news for you, we're a family of 4, me, hubby 2 children, 7 and 5,

    We're hoping to come out in Oct, can I ask where you got your short term rent from, we're still not sure where to go, any info would be greatly appreciated,


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    How exciting! Not long now, enjoy your trip! We'll be following a few days later!Gill and mal x


    Cheers, We are happy to have got this far-:biggrin:, the stress, not sleeping right should be over soon,well over here anyway, all the best to you too

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