Jessica Berry

Bus Driver jobs available

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    Guest Guest5035

    Wonder what CBD will say about the "Safe Workplace" They have changed their ad from before, the LP and HR bit never used to be in there.



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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    I work at Morphetville and most of us are quite skeptical of whats gonna happen.

    Theres a lot of speculation but no real facts of the company and what there gonna or not gonna do.

    All we can expect is for the first few weeks is lots of late running or maybe even some missing busses on the north south routes as they havnt even started to move in or take over anything yet.

    They have to interview all Torrens transit drivers first before interviewing outside.

    If anyone is interested to get your accreitation you will need a up to-date police check and medical cert along with proof of id certified by a JP.

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