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    How long do you have live in Australia before you can have a mortgage.

    Its just that I have seen a few houses we like and could afford.

    We just wondered if there was a time limit of how long you have to reside there.

    Any info greatly appreciated.


    Trev Vicki and Lauren

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    HI Trev & Vicki,


    I chatted to the Financial Advisor the other day when they had the live chat conference on this forum and he said you only needed I think it was 4 weeks' payslips and obviously a permanent visa. According to him there's no time limit and you can get up to a 95% loan.

    Hope this helps a bit



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    Hi Riana



    It was actually me that you spoke to on the chat, hope you're well.


    Yes it is possible in some cases to secure a 95% mortgage and almost straight away, there will be some factors involved though that will make this possible.


    Firstly, visa types, permanent residents can borrow over 80% up to 95% in some cases but temporary residents are restricted to a maximum of 80%.


    Also in relation to employment, as long as there is continuity in employment in a role/industry in the UK for at least 2 years and that person has secured employment in Australia in the same role/industry it is possible to obtain a mortgage pretty much straight away subject of course to the usual checks and income affordability.




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