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Transferring driving licences!!

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    Guest johnosmad

    I'm not sure this is a Migration issue but its not really a job advert either but anyway....


    I noticed that on the SA website for transport we can transfer our UK driving licences, simple!! However it also says that if you hold HGV then you will have to take a test, :arghh: Has anyone else transferred their Cat C + E licences and if so is it an actual driving test or more of a formality where someone will take you for a spin to ensure your competent, safe etc.


    I would be a bit gutted if I had to sacrifice them as it will not be a priority and wont have time initially to go through prep for a full on test!!

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    Just a note on this subject,


    If you have motor cycle on your license then make a point of telling them at the desk.


    Its amazing how many people I have spoken to and they have not put the motor cycle on the license when exchanged.


    They did not do mine and when I complained they wanted to charge me extra but a bit of a chat and they did it for free.


    Sorry dont know the answer to your question I hope you get an answer soon.


    Rob and Mel

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