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Electrical books

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    I am looking at transferring my electrical qualifications over to Australian qualifications now that I have almost finished doing my plumbing qualifications.


    I am about to send my stuff to TRA so I can book on the course at PEER.


    After talking with the ladies there they tell me I will need to buy some books to do the course.


    Are there any electricians out there that have done the course that would like to sell or rent there books to me?


    I know some of the books are not expensive but when you add up the price of all 5 books its a lot of dollar.


    So here is a list of the books I need..


    3000:2007 , 3008 , 3012 , ETSA Rules , 3017


    If anyone can help in anyway it will be greatly appreciated. :notworthy:




    Rob and Mel

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    Guest lee and joanne

    Sent you a PM.

    Also the ETSA rules can be downloaded from the ETSA web site.

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    If you're going past the ETSA building anytime you can drop in and collect a free copy of the service rules from the front desk.... I know PEER were also handing out photocopied standards last time I went there, maybe worth a try asking if you could borrow theirs.


    You may as well get books of your own, you will need them if you start sparkying.


    Good luck,


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