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Quick Munchies

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    Got the munchies the other day, didnt want to be messing around for ages, So had a look in the fridge found some left over pizza sauce or chilli coudnt tell at first due to the colour, Tuna mayonaise,mozzeralla, chilli flakes and some ciabatta bread.


    Cut the bread in half, added the sauce, then the tuna spreaded it all over, then the cheese and then a some chilli flakes, sounds a little of a strange combo. cooked until the cheese was melted-like you do.


    Got quite a shock it was really good- would usually do it with just the tuna mayo and cheese and have a tuna melt . Since having this strange one if theres every any left over chilli in the fridge i use it like this.


    I also use the left over chilli instead of pizza sauce-more filling to me, or simply chilli with homemade tortillas+ Cheese on top-yummy,


    Funny how some things work when really they shouldnt:biggrin::tongue:




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    Guest loopylisa

    Now that sounds just like the sort of thing My Loopy would conjur up. The sooner I can get back and feed him properly the better! lol

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