Officially a citizen now

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    Hi All


    Had our citizenship ceremony last night and the Damms family are now officially citizens!!!!


    I was a bit concerned about the test but it took me 5 minutes to complete and I got 100% so if I can do it then there should be no problem for the rest of you :rolleyes: we waited 2 months for our ceremony.


    The ceremony itself was a nice mix of formal and informal and there were around 70 people taking the oath. We all received our own certificate and a native plant, our daughter received a koala.


    It was a lovely experience and a time to reflect on our journey over the past 4 years, we've had some tough times as well as great ones and can honest say we are now very settled with some great friends and wouldnt change our decision for the world.


    It honestly took me 2 years to really call this home, I missed my family badly but we always said we had to give it 2 years and although I never SERIOUSLY thought of going back to the UK I was very thankful to Skype!!!


    We love it here, our daughter is very settled and a true Aussie, our life is now much simpler with a better work life balance.


    Wishing everyone who is starting the journey the very best of luck, you have to work at it and you will have some bad times and set backs, not everyone you meet will become a great friend, as I say you have to try people on to see if they fit dont feel bad if they dont after all you cant be best friends with everyone!! it all takes time. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT IN THE END


    Take care



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