Nursing in Adelaide

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    We have had lots of nurses over time come to Adelaide. Many have come to work in CNAHS.

    They have been promised lots and once here it just doesn't happen!!!!!! Then they go home.....


    CNAHS does not have a great reputation,please if you are coming across with Grady O'Peyton ask to be placed in Inner or Outer South . The Managers are fab and the people in those work places are lovely and not bullies which I know a lot of our nurses have been once they are here. Causing them so much unhappiness.....


    It is a different directorate!!!!!! Please please be careful where you go for work!!!!


    E-mail me not a problem...... Glenside is very old with very old institutionalised nurses!!!!


    All the best...In your move... Australia is fabulous,you'll love it,even more so if you are in a great workplace....


    Please know there is so much work here unlike the UK ..You can get a job sooooo easy it's quite unbelievable!!!!!


    I can also phone you no problem.



    Elaine :wubclub:

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