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Guest missmoneypenny

Imminent Reccy - Info required please

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    Guest missmoneypenny

    Hi there,


    We have at last been granted our residence visas for Australia and are now going to be validating our visa at the beginning of September.


    We are heading to Melbourne to stay with family and are then going to undertake a reccy across to Adelaide.


    Can anyone help with answers to some of our questions?


    We will be staying in Adelaide for 3 nights, we have a 2 year old son, so an appartment would be the best option, can anyone suggest/name some places to stay....approximate cost? If appartments hard to come by, which hotels would be the best option?


    What areas should we NOT look at for housing? What areas are family friendly and affordable? How much would a 3 bed house cost? To buy and to rent?


    What estate agents should we check out?


    My profession will be mental health nursing once qualified, what are the names of hospitals that have adult psychiatric wards?


    Any other information that you think may be of help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance :notworthy:

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    With regards to houses, rentals and to buy I'd visit as a first port of call.


    As to buying or renting, I'd say don't rush into anything. Mainly to ensure that where you buy (or rent long term) is a decent area for you and ticks your boxes. You may find a few months of living on end of the city, you'd rather be the other, so buying in a hurry is never advisable. Get to know the city first, check out different areas and find what works for you best.


    As to how much is a 3 bed house? How long is a piece of string sort of thing. It depends on your budget and so on.


    Hospitals - Go to google, put in 'Adelaide hospitals, adult mental health' and you should find some returns.


    With regards of where to stay, depends what you want from your reccy. I'd think others on the ground there could give you some possible pointers. Personally I'd stay in a nice area, possibly near a beach, reasonably central with good access to the city and the suburbs you may be considering. That way you can use the train/bus/tram to get around and explore. I know my last trip over my brother in law stayed in a hotel in Glenelg and it was fine for a few nights. Can't recall the name but it was close to Jetty road, the beaches and the tram line.


    Also have a look round the forum, use the search function on here and read up on property, areas people discuss, schools and so on. Or just go to the appropriate sections you are wanting info on. You should find plenty to start you off :)


    Good luck.

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