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Guest denty

Moving Anxieties!

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    Guest denty

    Hi All,




    Just decided that we really want to move to Auz, dont know where to start, done an online visa thingy and that all seems to be fine. Now scared and dont know what to do now!


    We have sold our house here, although paper work is now going through, so still living in the house.


    how long does it take to get over to sunny Auz.


    I must be mad but we are after a better life for us and the four kids.


    Is Adelaide the place to come too. All the posts I have read on here so far say its great. Was it really stressful getting there? Do the Australians like us?? So many questions? What are the school like?


    Sorry to bug anyone but I am really after some human advice.


    thanks tones


    em, stu, bethan, lucy, patrick and titch xx

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    Hi Dent family,


    your anxieties are only natural, so many questions but loads of answers on here, don't worry, everyone on PIA will help as much as they can.


    We are on the last leg of our visa ordeal so you can have a look at our timelines to give you a rough guide as to how long the process takes, but every case is dealt with on an individual merit, so don't take these timelines as gospel.


    We went out in April 07 for 3 weeks, just for a look about, we found the cost of living and the housing much the same price as here, but it's the lifestyle that is the icing on the cake. The Australians are really pleasant and nothing seems to be too much hassle for them, they are always happy to help. Adelaide is a very easy going and slow paced.


    Housing and schools, it really depends on the areas that you are looking to move to. Finances, coast or city life, private schooling or state, it comes down to personal preference, but there is plenty of all to go around.


    For housing have a look at this gives an indication of rental and purchasing of property, schooling i'm afraid I can't help with at the mo' as I said we are still waiting.


    But good luck and there will be plenty more responses to your post to help you get the information you are looking for x

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